5 Irish-made hand sanitisers available online

While toilet paper has been the most talked about product to disappear from our shelves since the outbreak of Coronavirus, another item which has been noticeably absent is hand sanitiser. I think we can all agree that this one makes a lot more sense!

One of the main defences against Coronavirus is to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. Where soap and water are not available, then hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol can be used.

With the continued spread of Covid-19, demand for hand sanitisers has peaked and many Irish companies have quickly reacted to help fill the need. Here are five Irish-made hand sanitisers you can now purchase online if you need to restock.

If products are showing as out of stock, it is just temporary as the companies try and keep up with demand. Some may offer the option to pre-order, otherwise check back again soon if you are after a specific brand.

Jo Browne Fresh Hands

Jo Browne became a household name thanks to her Natural Solid Perfumes and has continued to expand her range of products since. In light of recent need, the latest addition is the new Fresh Hands Cleansing Spray.

Fresh Hands contains 65% alcohol and is hand mixed and hand poured. It also contains Pro Vitamin B5, Glycerine and Aloe Vera to make it gentle on your hands.

Price: €7.95 for 70ml spray

The Handmade Soap Company Hand Sanitiser

Based in Slane, Co. Meath, the Handmade Soap Company specialise in cruelty free and vegan friendly bath and body care products. In an effort to help meet the high demand, they started manufacturing their new lemongrass & cedarwood hand sanitiser.

The Handmade Soap Company hand sanitiser contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 50ml to 250ml.

Price: from €4.50 (50ml) – €11.95 (250ml)

Mór Hand Sanitiser

Like many distillers around the country, Eoin Bara of Mór Irish Gin, has made the switch to producing hand sanitiser in order to help in the fight against Covid-19. The first batch of products created by the company were distributed to GP practices and nursing homes around Ireland.

They are now trying to get Mór hand sanitiser (made with 70% ethanol) into some retail groups but it is also available online. Try the Mór Irish Gin website or PharmHealth website for availability.

Price: from €6.99 for 250 ml bottle

Listoke Distillery Hand Sanitiser

Listoke is another distillery based in Louth, which has switched to the production of hand sanitiser. The sanitiser is distilled with natural botanicals and contains 65% alcohol. The company has also produced a 72% sanitiser for healthcare providers.

Listoke Distillery hand sanitiser is available in 250ml and also in a large 1 litre size, which can be used to refill smaller containers. It is estimated that the larger bottle would be enough for a household of 5 for 3 – 4 weeks.

Price: €5 for 250ml or €15 for 1 litre bottle

Dublin Herbalists Clean Hands

Dublin Herbalists create a range of skincare products using ingredients that are 100% natural and never tested on animals. 

Their Clean Hands hand sanitiser will help keep your hands clean, protected and in good condition. Clean Hands contains 65% isopropyl alcohol, with added lemon and tea tree essential oil.

Price: €7.99 for 60ml spray


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