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Reusable face masks from Irish small businesses

Reusable face masks from Irish small businesses

I recently shared a number of Irish businesses who have been producing hand-sanitiser during the last few months, both helping to meet demand and to keep their businesses afloat during the COVID19 pandemic. There has also been a similar response throughout the small business community, in response to the need for face masks. So if you’re on the lookout for reusable face masks in Ireland, keep reading.

Currently in Ireland, face masks are highly recommended for situations where social distancing is difficult. This includes inside shops or when visiting anyone who is high risk for contracting Coronavirus. Face masks are also set to become mandatory when using public transport. So if you’re looking for reusable, Irish-made face masks here are a list of small businesses that are currently making them.

Like everywhere else, the demand for face masks in Ireland is very high at present. Many of these retailers are selling out quickly. Therefore if you are after a particular face mask, you may need to check back regularly. Alternatively, give the business a follow on Instagram or Facebook for updates on their next batch of face masks.

It’s great to see so many people making a point of shopping local and supporting Irish small businesses at this time. Hopefully this is something that will continue. Many of these businesses are also helping local and national causes from the proceeds of sales, which is lovely to see.

Washable and reusable Irish face masks

Irish Socksciety

At Irish Socksciety they make…you guessed it…socks! But more specifically, the Galway based company  specialises in socks with a sense of humour. Now they’ve created the ‘Howya’ face mask which provides protection with that same fun factor. The double layered, reusable masks are made from cotton and are available in grey and yellow for adults. There’s also a smaller sized mask, suitable for kids.

The masks have a pocket, so you can add a filter or extra protection. The elasticated material is also easier on the ears than regular elastic.


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We Make Good

We Make Good is a social enterprise which supports people facing social challenges in Ireland. Through their store, the enterprise provides employment opportunities, while also helping individuals to develop valuable skills.

Their face masks are made by present and past employees of the Textile Studio, a charity which provides training and jobs to refugee women. The masks are made from cotton or linen and are sold in pairs. You receive one mask and the other is donated to someone in Direct Provision in Ireland. Alternatively you can select another option, where you receive one mask and 2 masks are donated to children in Direct Provision.


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Face It

Face It was born when Ireland’s Eye Knitwear was forced to stop their production due to the pandemic. The team put their heads together to see if they could help out in some way and that’s when they started making face masks.

Prior to selling masks to the public, the company focused on making masks for front line workers. Over 3,000 masks have been donated to pharmacies, nursing homes, GP clinics and other front line workers. Visit the website to check out their masks, available in a range of colours and patterns.


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Bébhínn Irish Linen Face Mask

Bébhínn is an Irish label, established by designer Bébhínn McGrath in 2017. Her collections include beautiful sustainable garments which are handcrafted in her studio in Waterford. Pieces are made from merino wool sourced in Donegal and linen from Wexford.

As linen is naturally antimicrobial and breathable it’s the perfect material for use in face masks. Bébhínn has been producing a variety of linen face masks in a number of colours. Each mask is made with 2 layers of 100% Irish Linen. The masks have a different colour linen on each side. So as well as being reversible it ensures you won’t place the exposed side against your face. There are also some lovely patchwork masks created from smaller pieces of linen, leftover from garments. Yay to reduced waste!


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Eamonn McGill Design

If you’re looking for a mask that’s a little more on the glamorous side, then check out the collection by Eamonn McGill Design. The face masks, or fashion face coverings, are handmade in Eamonn’s studio in Dublin and a percentage of the proceeds are going to the Simon Community. Known for designing bespoke red carpet and bridal wear, Eamonn’s face mask collection is definitely one to check out if you’re in need of something for a special occasion. It even includes a set of bride and groom face masks. Eamonn’s face masks are available to purchase from Trends


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Street Masks Ireland

In April, Laura Callinan established Street Masks Ireland with her mum, in response to public demand for face masks. Their washable & reusable double layered masks are made from cotton and linen.

Masks can be purchased from their website and they have a variety of different designs on offer, including a Street Pride Mask. Now you can stay safe and show your support for the LGBTQI+ community at the same time! As June is Pride Month, a donation from the sale of each Pride mask will go to Dublin Pride.


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Olivia in Stitches

Olivia in Stitches offers face masks in a variety of designs and sizes. All masks are made with 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric and also have a filter pocket. There are masks with elastic ear loops and others with ties, so you can choose your preferred type.

Sizes include small, medium and now extra small, which is suitable for kids, teens or petite faces. A helpful guide on the website helps you choose the correct size. Masks are shipped to anywhere and come in fully recyclable packaging.


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Urban Aran

Urban Aran face masks are made from 100% sustainable linen. As well as being naturally antibacterial, linen is gentle on the skin and absorbs moisture away from the skin. The linen is sourced from an Irish linen weaver and masks are triple pleated, giving full coverage.  The masks also have a centre pocket for the addition of a filter, if required. 10% of the profits from sales are going to Solas Cancer Support Centre in Waterford.


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Ear Savers by the Upcycle Movement

I couldn’t finish with mentioning these ear savers by the Upcycle Movement, which are sure to be a hit with many people. The Ear Saver prevents the elastic rubbing the skin behind your ears and can be worn at the nape of the neck or over a pony tail. Such a great idea and perfect for anyone that needs to wear a mask for extended periods. Ear savers are upcycled from wetsuits and 10% of the profit goes to Seal Rescue Ireland.


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I hope this post has helped if you’re looking to get hold of some reusable face masks in Ireland. If so, please consider sharing with others. It’s hard for small businesses to compete with larger corporations who can afford big advertising campaigns, which is why every share helps. By buying Irish and supporting small businesses, we’ll all be better off.

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