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PHOTO OP – Derryclare Lough, Connemara

This freshwater lake in Connemara, Co Galway, is a beautiful spot to stop off for some photos. It looks like the kind of place you might have to do some serious hiking to reach but you can actually just pull up at the side of the road, grab your gear and get shooting. It’s here you’ll get your classic postcard shot of Connemara, featuring Pine Island with the peaks of the Twelve Bens in the background. On a calm day you will be able to get beautiful reflection shots too.

We chose to drive here for sunset after enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Galway city. The drive takes approximately 1 hour and 15 mins and unfortunately the closer we got the more cloudy it got, until the sky was totally covered. So we didn’t even get a hint of colour in our shots but it was still worth it. It’s a stunning location and the drive there is very scenic too.

Word of warning though, you may want to bring a head net with you depending on when you are visiting. We were there at the start of August and the midges were a nightmare. They swarmed us in the thousands. They are most active on calm, cloudy days around dawn and dusk so unlike our situation, conditions were just perfect for them! We were itching all the way home and I had tiny little bite marks all along my hairline. Not so pleasant! On a good note, they do not carry any diseases but they are a real pest and a head net could prove to be the best purchase of your trip. You’ll no doubt get plenty of other opportunities to use it around the country too!

Also, this can be a busy spot as it’s easily accessible and is a very popular stop off point for tour buses. Early morning or late evening are probably your best bet to get some time to yourself here.

Location: Just off the N59, with plenty of space for parking. Use the map below to get directions.

Wide angle of Pine Island, Derryclare Lough

Perfect reflections at Pine Island, Derryclare Lough

Perfect reflections at Pine Island, Derryclare Lough

Pine Island, Derryclare Lough

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