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Tra na mBó – a hidden gem on the Copper Coast

Before heading to the Copper Coast I tried to do a bit or research online to figure out where I’d like to visit. While doing so, I came across some pictures of Tra na mBó but couldn’t really figure out where exactly it was. The best I could gather was that it was close to Bunmahon beach but the rest I would have to figure out when I got there. The other mystery was its name. Tra na mBó means Strand of the Cows and even just looking at the pictures I could see it would be a pretty tricky place for cows to get to!

As it turns out, it wasn’t too hard to find the beach but if I hadn’t known of it’s existence I may not have stumbled upon it by chance. It turned out to be one of my favourite stops on my trip, so I’m glad I did find it! However, I’m still in the dark about the name so if anyone reading has any idea why it got the name, feel free to let us know in the comments, thanks!


If you’re heading west of Bunmahon, there’s a carpark for the beach just at the turn heading out of town and a gravel road leading up along the cliffs. Head up the gravel road and enjoy the views back to Bunmahon beach as you go. I’m not sure exactly how far you need to go but Tra na mBó is easily recognisable by the isolated stack on the beach, so you’ll know it when you find it. 

Looking back towards Bunmahon Beach

Lots to explore

The lone stack on the beach is not the only feature of this beautiful cove. If you wander out along the headland to the left of the beach you can catch some lovely views and have some fun scrambling up the unusual rock formations! Looking out from this angle, with the sun shining bright and the turquoise water I honestly felt like I had been transported to Greece or Italy. It really is a magical spot. I would have loved to hang around for sunset because the sun was still too strong as you’ll see from my shots. Unfortunately I had to be somewhere in the evening and reluctantly managed to drag myself away.

So I didn’t make it down onto the actual beach either but it looks like you can follow a path down pretty easily.  I had to leave that for next time too. That’s what I get for leaving Tra na mBó till the end of my trip but luckily you can learn from my mistake. You’re welcome!

Rock formations on the headland

Idyllic views from the headland

Tra na mBó


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