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Hidden Gems – Murder Hole Beach

Earlier this month the Independent published a list of Ireland’s Top 10 secret beaches. At the top of that list was Murder Hole in Donegal. As it turns out, it’s the only beach on the list that we have actually been to but we weren’t surprised to see it in the number one spot, as it’s also one of our favourite finds since we returned to Ireland.

We had seen some photos of this idyllic spot coming up on our Instagram feed and when we organised our trip to Donegal it was right up there on the list of must sees!  As you might imagine – given that it’s a secret beach – Murder Hole beach is not the easiest of places to find and you’re not likely to stumble upon it by chance. We may or may not have ended up crossing through some private land in our bid to find it (we don’t advise that course of action!), so it’s good to know now after reading the article, that we need to take a little cross-country hike there from Melmore next time instead.

Not very specific instructions, I know, but I guess half the adventure is finding the beach! If you go in search of this spot it’s probably best to just head towards Melmore Head on the Rosguill Peninsula and find a local to point you in the right direction. Trust us, there are no signposts. The bay is officially called Boyeeghter Bay and we’re not exactly sure why the locals have renamed it Murder Hole beach. So maybe you could ask them that too and let us know!

Unfortunately we didn’t have too long there as it was already getting dark and the tide was in to far to make it out the hole in the rocks, so we’ll have to save that for next visit. We’ll also have to get busy checking out some more of these secret beaches over the summer! If you’ve been to any of the others let us know.

Last light on the dunes

Footsteps down to the beach

Sunset at Murder Hole Beach

Sunset at Murder Hole Beach, Donegal

Long exposure water shot

Pink sky after the sun dips down

Capturing the last bit of light


  • Fiona Haughton
    23rd April 2018 at 10:46 am

    I was there on Friday, the last day of our week-long holiday in Donegal. We definitely saved the best til last. What a stunning spot. The most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

    • Kerry
      24th April 2018 at 2:11 pm

      Ah fantastic. A week in Donegal sounds like bliss! Glad you got to visit Murder Hole beach, it really is a stunning spot alright. Thanks for the comment.


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